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Santa Cruz County

Prostate Cancer Support Group



The Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group (SCCPCSG) was the vision of one man, Frank Bolle. When Frank was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 1991, he faced a difficult challenge in uncovering the most appropriate treatments available. Upon finding minimal sources of information about prostate cancer, Frank formed and led the "MENCANACT" support group in 1992 to share information and experiences about this disease among its members. Frank unfortunately passed away from his disease in 1999, however his legacy lives on. Since its humble beginnings several milestones have been achieved.


  • A steering committee was formed to ensure the ongoing continuity of the support group. The original members were Howard Waage, Tony Calvo, Frank Schmetz, Tim Ryan, and Doug Thorton.

  • The group was renamed to "Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group" (SCCPCSG).

  • The group's Constitution and By-Laws were established and ratified.

  • The first monthly newsletter was mailed out to the membership which later evolved into an email newsletter.

  • Spouses and partners were invited to attend the meetings. When a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, it affects the entire family and we believe that his family should be part of the support group. 


With over 300 members, the support group continues to grow in assisting and supporting families in dealing with the issues of prostate cancer. Participation in a support group can greatly ease the burden of isolation through the journey to health and emotional well-being.


We meet the last Wednesday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at The Bennett and Suzy Katz Cancer Resource Center, 3150 Mission Drive on the first floor. At times, special presentations may be at alternative sites and the location will be publicized in the monthly email Newsletter. The average meeting attendance is 25 members.



The Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group maintains up to date books about prostate cancer, prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for anyone interested in researching information about this disease. Our library is located at the Katz Cancer Resource Center located at 3150 Mission Drive, Santa Cruz, CA. We also provide current literature, pamphlets and newsletters available at each meeting.


The Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group is affiliated with the organizations listed below. A special thanks goes to Dominican Hospital and the Katz Cancer Resource Center for the use of their facilities.



We would also like to thank our sponsor, Aldina Real Estate, Inc for their financial support in promoting our local cancer awareness programs.


The Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group does not endorse any provider, organization, product or individual. All medical decisions should be made with the advice and consultation of medical professionals. 

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