About Us

The mission of the Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group is to provide hope and support to improve the lives of those affected by prostate cancer and educate the general population on the importance of early detection.

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Our Story

The Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group (SCCPCSG) is the vision of one man, Frank Bolle. When Frank was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 1991 he discovered that there wasn't a men's support group here in the Santa Cruz area, so he organized and founded the "MEN CAN ACT" prostate cancer support group. Frank passed away from his disease in April 1999. The steering committee renamed the group from "MEN CAN ACT" to the SCCPCSG in 1999. In March 1999, the first monthly newsletter was mailed out to our membership. In the twenty four years since the group was started, the Santa Cruz County Prostate Cancer Support Group continues to grow as group of men and their partners that assist and support families in dealing with the issues of prostate cancer. When a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, it affects his entire family and we believe that family should be part of the support group. Participation in a support group can greatly ease the burden of isolation through the journey to health and emotional well-being. Our current membership is over 300 individuals.

Steering Committee

Howard Waage
Joe Ferrara
Dottie Ferrara
Bill McDermott
Ron Locey
Eric Moss
Carla Moss
Dick Zscheile
Frank Balthis
Eric Minoski